Eduardo Carbajo


Born in Madrid, my career was forged in the Mexican Caribbean, where I was able to put my knowledge of Hotel Management into practice in large Resorts.

There, I decided to pursue my dream and dedicate myself to the world of recreational diving, leaving the hospitality aside and focusing on the teaching of what is now my greatest passion, diving.

At the same time I met the one who is currently my partner and with the passage of time we decided to move to Tenerife, where we founded this company with the purpose of sharing our love for the sea with the people who enjoy our services.

Guillermo Vázquez


For long as I can remember, my life has been linked to the sea, sailing in different ships and oceans of the world.

When I arrived on this island, I fell in love with its fauna and geography, so I decided to settle here. For 20 years I have been observing cetaceans in the south west of the island of Tenerife, documenting the populations of resident tropical pilot whales in these waters and the other 26 species that pass through this marine park. In addition, I do marine photography to deepen their study and identification.

I have a wide and diverse professional history, which includes the following degrees such as: Harbor master, yacht master, Multipurpose Coastal Skipper and chief engineer officer.

All this allows me to offer a safe, exceptional and efficient service to our clients.