This legal notice is prepared by virtue of the regulatory provisions set forth in Law 34/2002, of July 11, relating to the Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce ( and the Law of Impulse of the Society of the Information (LISI). Through it, we inform the users of our website that EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, SL is registered in THE COMMERCIAL REGISTRY of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, dated March 5, 2018, in volume 3554, page 37, entry 1 with sheet TF-60548, with CIF: B76759240, is the owner and manages the Web page to which you access. The registered office is at Esquilón Bajo street nº17, Portal 3, Bajo B, María José building, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and its email address is: and with telephone 608039163. If you wish to ask us any questions or send us your comments, do not hesitate to contact us in the information indicated in this section.

The services we provide are the following:


The purpose of the preparation of this document is, in addition to complying with the regulations in force regarding Internet service providers, collected in the LSSI-CE (, and in the LISI and RGPD, complying with the commitment acquired with our users regarding transparency and clarity when maintaining professional relationships with them from our website. The legal notice and general conditions regulate the use of our website by customers, users or visitors (hereinafter we will use any term of them, referring to all in general) that access the page. The use of this website is completely voluntary, so its use implies full and unconditional acceptance of the legal notice, as well as the privacy policy, regarding the protection of personal data. The user agrees to read the conditions and notices each time he accesses our service and to follow the instructions given by the owner of the website during the use of it.


The general contracting conditions of our services are the following:


If the reservation is canceled with a period longer than 48h, 80% of the amount will be refunded. Bearing in mind that the remaining 20% ​​will be used for management and administration expenses.

Cancellations made in less than 48 hours are NOT entitled to a refund.

If the cancellation is made by the company, or for meteorological reasons, and the client does not accept the excursion change to another day, the total refund of the contracted amount will be made.


This website is made available to users by the entity EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. completely free of charge, and its access is made after full and unconditional acceptance of the conditions established by the publisher and owner of the website. The use of the page is unique, intended exclusively for personal use of the users of EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. being forbidden its use, reproduction, communication, modification, copy, distribution, sale, rental and other means of exploitation of the same by third parties outside the entity, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, or for profit. Therefore, visitors to the portal undertake to carry out a diligent and correct use of it, always observing their legal notices and conditions. Likewise, they agree not to use the page for illegal, fraudulent or prohibited purposes. The owner of the Web, EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. reserves the right to suspend, deny, withdraw or cancel access to its information portal and services of trade, sale, promotion, retail trade of clothing, trade in general, at any time, without prior notice on the other hand, to all the users that do not make a correct use of this site, making a fraudulent or illegal use of it and its content, and do not comply with the conditions or legal notices posted on the Web.


The page that you consult, consists of sections with different uses, for the provision of services. The navigation through this portal implies the total acceptance and without reservation of the legal notice and privacy policy established by the company EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, SL and that must be read and accepted by the users previously, declining from the entity all types of responsibility in the event that the user does not carry out the careful reading of legal notices. Thus, the current legal notices, are full, full and unconditional application to the entire page, as well as its different sections or sections, detailed in later paragraphs. First, we must state that the language of the page is Spanish. In the same way, access to the page is free for all the public that wishes to consult it. The contracting parties are, on the one hand, the entity EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. owner and that manages the Web, and on the other the users or visitors of the page. The capacity required to access the services offered by EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. in accordance with the laws in force, it means that users who access the services offered, have legal capacity to hire, which, as established by law, is 18 years old. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. declines all responsibility in the event that it is not carried out in such a manner and that the contracting party on behalf of the company does not hold the powers or powers of representation alleged at the time of the contract, therefore the signatory of the contracting by the damages and losses caused to third parties with their actions. The forms that appear on our website, once covered and pressed the SEND key, are transmitted to our entity that manages and stores them, as we inform in each of the forms that visitors must fill in with the required fields, fulfilling all the security measures required by current legislation on data protection. If a correct completion of the request form for the information, comment, hiring or suggestion service offered by our entity is not made, we can not guarantee our clients, users and others the correct development and execution of the services or information requested. Likewise, if the forms consist of errors, spelling or arithmetic errors, false or erroneous data, which may, according to our company owning the Web, affect the request or the correct development of the chosen service, the company that manages the page, reserves the right not to accept such forms, given that the request for the service has not been presented. By making applications by electronic means and distance between the signatory parties, both parties agree that the handwritten signature will be replaced in this contract by the acceptance of the legal notices as well as the privacy policy present on the website that you are visiting, by means of the acceptance described in the previous paragraph, by pressing the SEND or RECHARGE key on the forms to be completed.

The information about our services, products, offers and promotions contained in the page is constantly updated and revised. However, the assumption may be that the update or transcription of data does not occur correctly, so that there may be some technical error, which will be resolved by us as soon as we become aware of it. Therefore, the services will have the value established in our page, except for typographical errors due to the transcription of data contained in the Web. In all cases, we recommend that you consult with our company if you have any questions about any product or service indicated on the page you are visiting. The company that owns this website, EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. and that manages the same, reserves the right to modify the data, information and specifications of the services offered, whenever deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the portal of information and products offered, administration and management of consultations or provision of services. These modifications and changes carried out will not affect the services or products already requested. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. reserves the right not to accept the forms completed by users and sent to our company, which is not considered appropriate for the purpose of its creation. The portal of the company EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. has different sections of free and free access for all users of the Web. We must not forget that the laws are constantly evolving, and since ATLANTIC NORTH EXCURSIONS, SL we keep in touch with all legal developments that affect our content, trying to update them as much as possible. However, sometimes, it is not possible to collect all the changes that have occurred, so we advise that in the event that users or clients wish to have an opinion on the subject, we inform them that they should make a personalized professional consultation.


The use of the Web that is currently visiting, is personal, private, domestic and non-profit, being exclusively for the enjoyment and use of the person, customer or user accessing it, not being able to be subject to subsequent commercialization, neither of lucrative, commercial use or not on the part of third parties. Likewise, the illegal, fraudulent use, or against the law, customs, public order or morals, of the present page owned by the entity EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, SL is not permitted. Neither harmful means may be used. or harmful in the use of this Web Services. You are not authorized, under any circumstances, the use of viruses or the realization of the so-called spam by users of our website. In the same way, we decline all responsibility as owners of the page for irregular access, speed or access failures, quality or operation of our website. Likewise, the user or visitor accepts the use of our website, always in agreement that our company is the owner of the same and in charge of its management, and, therefore, the owner of all the rights that the law recognizes. on the contents of intellectual or industrial property, and their copyright and exploitation rights. The distribution, communication, reproduction, transfer, disposal of the information, contents and other elements that our Website makes available to the public, without the prior written consent of the owner of the page you visit is not allowed. In this way, the user or visitor agrees to protect the rights conferred by the law on the authorship of the Web, as well as their exclusive rights of exploitation.


The entity that owns the Web, EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. reserves the right to suspend, deny, withdraw or cancel the access service to its service portal, without the need for prior notice on its part, to all visitors who do not make proper use of the present website, making fraudulent use or illicit of it and its content, and ultimately, do not meet the conditions or legal notices on the Web. In the same way, our company does not guarantee continuity in the provision of the service offered through its website, nor the continued operation of it, reserving the right to suspend or cancel the services offered from its website, without needing prior notice to your visitors.


We inform the users, that EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. is the owner and manager of the Web to which you access. All industrial or intellectual property rights of this page, title, content, texts, photographs, logos, signs, images, graphic designs, drawings, plans, source codes, and other elements of the page, are property of the company EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, SL and they are protected by the Law of Intellectual Property and by the rest of valid national and international laws, relative to the author’s rights. The entity that owns the page is the owner of all the industrial property rights that derive from the use of trademarks, trade names and other elements that appear on the Website. The users of the website accept that all the elements mentioned above, the page, contents and intellectual and industrial property rights are property of EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. corresponding the exclusive exercise of exploitation rights. It is expressly forbidden to third parties unrelated to EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. the use of any of these identifiers, if they do not previously have written authorization from the owner of the Website. It is totally forbidden the reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, total or partial, assignment, sale or rental of this Web without prior, express and written authorization of the owner of the page, EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. The consultation and access to the Web does not imply in any case the resignation, assignment, sale or partial or total transmission of the page or of its rights. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. is not responsible for any infringement of industrial or intellectual property rights by users accessing our site, reserving appropriate legal actions in the case of infringement of any type of right regarding industrial or intellectual property by third party visitors. website users are authorized and expressly authorized to use, view, download, record and print, in any medium, automated or otherwise, the content of this page, protected by the laws of industrial and intellectual property, provided that it is done with purposes of private use, non-commercial, or lucrative, or communication, or distribution, and do not modify, delete, alter or distort the result wanted by the author of the page, and also indicate the origin and the author, appearing the industrial property symbols of their owners. These clarifications do not imply the granting of any license to users of the site.

DOMAIN NAMES is the domain name or Internet address of this portal. It is owned by EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. managing entity and owner thereof. The ownership of this website is exclusive to the company EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. so the use of domain names are also exclusive, reserving all rights granted by law, in the event that any third party infringes the rights conferred by the registration of the domain name to its owner, with possibility to undertake all kinds of legal actions. The use or usurpation of our domain name entails the consequent legal actions on our part, aimed at returning to its owner the rights conferred by the laws.


COOKIES are small programs that inform the Web that you are consulting the visits that are produced from your computer. Each time the page is accessed, the traffic data that is produced and from which computer they are carried out is stored. The data provided by it is anonymous, as they exclusively reflect the number of accesses made from a computer or the sections consulted from it in its navigation, without providing data of the people making the queries. The existence of COOKIES is sometimes essential to offer a more personalized service to the client, and our company uses them in some of its sections or sections, in order to improve the service we offer our users or visitors, so accept COOKIES may be a requirement to access part of our services. So, we inform you that if at any time you can not access any of our sections, from our portal we decline any responsibility if it is due to your computer being configured not to accept these programs.

Types of cookies used by this web page:

Own or third-party cookies: own cookies are those that are sent to the computer that accesses our website from our own computers or domains and from which we provide the service requested by customers.

Third party cookies are those that are sent to the user or client’s computer from a computer or domain not managed by us, but by another collaborating entity. For example, those used by social networks, or external content such as Google Maps.

Technical cookies: those that allow the user of the web to use restricted options or services, such as identifying sessions, accessing restricted content or sharing social media content on the web.

Analysis cookies: those that allow quantifying the number of users, performing analysis and measurement with statistics of the use that said users make of the services offered on the page. The navigation on the web is analyzed to improve what is offered.

Advertising cookies: are those that allow to effectively manage the offers of the advertising spaces of the web. It seeks to offer the user what they demand, adapting content to the user’s profile.

Session cookies or persistent cookies: session cookies are those temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of the browser of the client’s or user’s computer until they leave our website, so that none is recorded on the hard disk of your computer. The information obtained through these cookies are used to analyze traffic patterns on the web. In the long run, this allows us to provide a better experience to improve the content and facilitate its use.

The persistent cookies are those stored on the hard disk and our website reads them every time the client or user makes a new visit. A permanent website has a specific expiration date. The cookie will stop working after that date. We use these cookies, generally, to facilitate the purchase and registration services.

Can I disable cookies?

Yes. By configuring the Internet access browser options, the user can deactivate, configure, block, allow or delete cookies. You must access the browser settings and cookie privacy tools.

In case you do not allow the installation of cookies in your browser, you may not be able to access some of our services. In the following links you have at your disposal all the information to configure or disable your cookies in each browser:

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The personal data provided by the customers and users of the Web, will be used only for the purpose for which they were collected, that is, provide services to customers or users of our company. In the same way, the data contained in our files may be used for the submission of commercial communications, always complying with the regulations in force for this purpose, and in order to develop the administration and provision of the service chosen by the client. Similarly, our entity may contact the customer or user of the Web by any means of communication, in order to resolve any questions that may arise after requesting a service or after having made access to a of our sections and filling in the form.


EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. authorizes any person, physical or legal, to establish links or links to their page, regardless of whether these links are made to the main page or to the content, provided that the origin of the linked site is clearly indicated (our website ) as well as that the link is an external document and unrelated to the page that links it, and that belongs to our portal. If the link is made to the content of the Web, and not the home page, we reserve the right that the law grants to request any person to include such link on their website without our prior authorization, the withdrawal of the same, with cause that, in our opinion, we consider sufficient. Our Website may contain links to other pages or portals. However, it is necessary to take into account that the entity EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. has no control over the operation of the linked pages, nor do we have any responsibility regarding the content, structure, privacy policies, legal conditions and use of the different pages of other websites.


The company EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. employees, partners, collaborators, and other persons related to it, are exonerated by users of the website of civil liability or any other type, claim, action or demand or procedure requested by a third party, arising from the use of this site by users, due to non-compliance with the legal notice. The user exonerates EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. liability, damage or claim arising from the use of the Web, of possible errors or failures in access or lack of quality or speed of access. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. does not guarantee the availability and continuity in the operation of its Web, nor of its services, nor does it guarantee the true and effective use of our site, nor the obtaining of results sought by the user at the moment of accessing our page. If possible, EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. notify users of the interruption of the services provided as well as any incident, although the user must take into account that it is not exclusively up to us to maintain and guarantee such activities. We disclaim any liability for damages caused by lack of availability of the Web, continuity in the service provided, or the degree of user satisfaction in accessing the Web. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. declines its responsibility for damages that could be caused by the suspension or cancellation of the service. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. is not responsible for errors arising from the user’s computer, deficiencies, lack of adaptation, technical means, programs, operating system, processor or browser to access our website. The entity EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. does not guarantee that the computer equipment of the users is compatible with the services offered from our page. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. Although it will take the appropriate technical measures available to it, it does not guarantee the absence of viruses that may cause harm to the user’s use of our website, in the computer system (software or hardware), in files, documents, or files stored in your computer system. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. does not guarantee total privacy and security in the access to the Web or in the use of the services, not guaranteeing that unauthorized third parties may have access to the Web or its data. We disclaim liability for damages that may result from access by unauthorized third parties to the Website.

From the entity EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. We do not accept any responsibility for the cases in which damages or losses arise from (1) a breach of the law, morality, custom or public order, (2) the rights of intellectual or industrial property or any class of rights recognized by law, (3) acts of unfair competition or illegal advertising by users of our Website. The attempt to alter or modify the operation of this Website is prohibited. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. displays and offers users the page as it is available on the Internet. Users are prohibited from accessing their databases, which is why EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. is exempt from any liability in the event that one of these events occurs, as well as reserves all rights and legal actions that the current regulations on the matter confers. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. declines any type of responsibility for the services that may be provided by the pages that may be linked to this site. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. is not responsible for the content of other linked websites or any aspect that has to do with access or operation. EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. is aware of any incident committed by the linked website, immediately suspend and cancel the links to that address, which violate the applicable law or injure the rights of third parties, and on its own initiative EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. or by judicial or administrative order.


EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. reserves the right to update, modify, cancel or delete, partially or totally and in a discretionary manner, without prior notice to its users, the contractual offer constituted by this legal notice that makes up the page, as well as the different sectors that they compose it, always in accordance with the legislation in force in our country. If there is any change in the legal notice of the page, the new notice will also be available to users of the Web.


The parties agreeing this legal notice agree that the applicable legislation that governs the conditions of use, as well as all legal relationships that may arise, will be Spanish legislation, and, specifically, the provisions contained in the Spanish Civil Code , as in the legislation concerning Internet and electronic contracting, to the LSSI-CE, LISI and RGPD, as well as to any legal regulation that may be applied to this document. Any relationship with our users and visitors, arising from the provision of the services contained in the Web, is subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction. The parties accept that the contract is presumed to be held in Tenerife (Spain), the place that determines the jurisdiction, and therefore, the Courts of Tenerife are competent for any conflict or claim that may arise.


EXCURSIONES MARÍTIMAS ATLÁNTICO NORTE, S.L. reserves the right to exercise all legal actions available in the right to claim any liability arising from a misuse of its website or the violation of any provision contained in the legal notice. The company may withdraw, suspend, cancel or cancel the service at any time to users who do not comply with the legal conditions set forth and do not accept the details in this legal notice. The legal notice, of total, full and unconditional application to the whole page, is accepted by the visitors and will be read and accepted by each one at the moment of accessing the Web. By the mere use of the page, users acknowledge and accept the application of all the conditions stipulated in this section referring to the legality of our site.


If any clause of this document was declared void, totally or partially, or without effect, said statement would not affect, in any case, the rest of the sections present in this writing. The remaining sections of the document would retain their effectiveness and validity, with the exception of the parties which, in agreement between the contracting parties, decided to leave it invalid.