PostCovid19 Frequently Asked Questions

How do cancellations work?

If the cause of the cancellation was for a reason related to the COVID19 the full amount of the reservation will be returned. Otherwise, the same cancellation clauses are maintained.

Can I do the activity even if I don’t bring my own gloves and mask?

Of course, we always recommend that the client brings their own medical equipment, but if this is not available, we will provide masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel throughout the trip.

Will the safety distance between passengers be maintained?

Although our capacity is 12 passengers and 2 crew members, we have reduced the number of passengers to 10. In no case will there be more than 2 different groups and/or families on board. Once on board the passengers will be distributed, to guarantee the corresponding distances.

Will it be possible to use the bathroom during the trip?

It is recommended not to use it, but if necessary, you will be guaranteed access, and then our staff will disinfect it after use.

Is it hygienic to travel on board?

All contact surfaces are disinfected before and after each service.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why choosing EXMARAN and not another company?

Despite being a recently created company we have a great experience in the sector, we offer security in our boat, quality service and a personalized service to all our customers, these are just a few arguments to choose us for your excursion or private charter

Are excursions suitable for all ages?

Yes, anyone can come to enjoy an excursion on board, each one lives the experience in their own way regardless of their age, whether they are adults, children or elderly people.

What type of clothing should I wear on board to navigate?

We recommend bringing comfortable clothes, a swimsuit, sun protection and sunglasses if possible, EXMARAN provides towels to all its customers.

Do you serve food on board or do I have to take it myself?

Depending on the type of excursion that is booked, we will offer you different types of food.

I usually get dizzy when I get on a boat, how can I help it?

We recommend taking a pill for seasickness, available at any pharmacy on the island, and thus enjoy a wonderful day aboard the White Dreams and the incredible coast of Tenerife.

Do you guarantee that I will see dolphins and whales?

EXMARAN can not guarantee 100% the sighting of cetaceans, these animals are wild animals in freedom and therefore they are unpredictable, usually they can be seen without any problem in most of the exits since they are resident species in the waters of Tenerife.

Modifications in routes or itineraries

The captain may vary the planned route if weather conditions or sea conditions so require, and in this way make passengers travel comfortably and safely throughout the tour, always informing passengers of the new route to follow.

What happens if the weather conditions make it impossible to go sailing?

In this case, always subject to availability, a new date is agreed to make it, in case the client does not accept a change of date, the amount will be refunded.

Can a person suffering from a disability come with us?

It is better to notify in advance so that the EXMARAN team puts at your disposal all the necessary means.